Q-Culture e.V. is a Non-Profit Association.
Purpose of the association is the promotion of the youth and old person support, as well as the assistance for
Refugees and displaced persons, assistance to civilians, disabled persons and help for victims of crimes, promotion of the international spirit, tolerance and on all areas of culture and the idea of international understanding.
– Promotion of young people in difficult life situations e.g. by activating Measures within the framework of art and theater projects, workshops and courses, voluntary psychological counseling.
– Promotion of older people through activation and inclusion in social life e.g. through cross-generational art and theater projects, workshops and courses for seniors.
– Support of refugees and displaced persons through measures aimed at activation and social integration, e.g. through voluntary professional body therapy and psychological counseling, involvement in cross-group art projects and workshops
– Help for civilians and disabled persons and help for victims of crime, e.g. by informing the public about the problems of disabled persons and victims of crime, voluntary professional body therapy and psychological counselling, involvement in art projects and workshops.
-Networking for cooperation with other tax-privileged corporations and public corporations The purpose of the association shall be realized in particular by the creation of a fixed weekly course program open for the different social groups, the promotion of artistic – social – integrative projects (such as readings, performances, music events, film and video screenings, exhibitions, vernissages) and the provision of professional conditions for the presentation and implementation of cross-generational and cross-group art projects.