Adult Classes

Here you can find our current adult classes. Feel free to join us for a trial lesson. We would be happy to welcome you!

Aerial Ring – Beginners/Intermediate

18.45-20 h
Teacher: Brennan Figari

In this class, you will learn aerial hoop moves, transitions as well as choreography. This class is with is open level. Beginners will learn how to get strong for aerial hoop, how to get used to be in height and the basics of aerial hoop. Intermediates will learn moves, transitions as well as how to create a choreography for aerial hoop.

Aerial Silks – Beginners

18:45 – 20:00
Teacher: Liz Williams

The focus of this class is on preparing your body to carry its own weight in the air. We will find and engage our deepest core muscles and learn how to connect our extremities to our center. We will look at how the shoulder structure works, how to connect our arms to our backs and therefor our core as to facilitate climbing into and moving in the air.

Hula Hoop- Beginners

20.15-21.30 h
Teacher: Caroline Brune

In this class you will take your first steps towards “Hoop Dance” – dancing with the hoop. We will learn first tricks and combine them to a choreography. How we move our body together with the hoop in space and to music, we develop together with regard to the possibilities and creativity of each individual.
Fitness, coordination and dance are combined to your new hobby!


18.30-20 h
Teacher: Andrew Champlin

Not many ballet classes are about finding more comfort in the positions. That’s what this class is about. Using simplified ballet vocabulary, this class gives interested dancers and performers the chance to work with ballet in a practical way. Students receive detailed instruction on how to use the weight of the body in cooperation with the physics of movement according to Cechetti ballet techniques.

woman in vertical cloth doing aerial classes

Aerial Silks

18:45 – 20:15
Teacher: Liz Williams

Aerial silks class offers a stimulating way to exercise and keep fit. The focus is on the gradual development and safe progression of aerial skills in a supportive, friendly and fun environment for beginners and more experienced aerialists. This is an all-inclusive, mixed class for both men and women, at any skill or fitness level. This class includes a yoga-based warm up and focuses on core strengthening and awareness. The class will also include flexibility training and conditioning.

Moni Moves

Day: tba
Time: tba
Teacher: Moni

COMING SOON – Is it a Cardio class? Is it fitness? Is it a dance class? Is it a performance? Or is it just crazy? You decide, as Moni guides you through a wild and fun 50 min, that will have you dancing, laughing, sweating and shaking your booty. You’ll be shocked how fit a little crazy cardio fun will make you.

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