Aerial Silks & Hoop, The Creative Process in the Air with Diana Salles

In this aerial (silks and hoop) workshop we’ll focus on aerial┬ámovement quality, fostering creativity, and nurturing individual artistic expressions in the air. The workshop spans two days, with three hours of training each day.

It’s important to remember It’s not only focused on improving movement quality; we blend dynamic techniques with body language integration, laying the foundation for aerial exploration. I’ll guide you in discovering your aerial capabilities, deepening your connection to your work, and understanding the creative process in the air.

Diana Salles’ path at the Superior School of Circus Arts in Brussels led her to master the art of aerial silks, where her exceptional dedication and talent quickly earned her recognition on the global stage. As an award-winning aerialist, she crafts performances that carry significant social themes, delivered with a remarkable quality of movement. Diana’s circus philosophy centers on the profound ability of the stage to create connections, highlighting its transformative nature and the profound bonds it forges with audiences, all while encouraging creative exploration.