Kids Circus
In the Q Kids Circus children from the age of 6 learn in a playful way acrobatic figures on the trapeze, vertical cloth, air ring or rope and the art of ground acrobatics and train along the way strength, flexibility and coordination. In the groups children and teenagers become creative together and develop their own little choreographies on the acrobatic devices.
Several times a year, participants have the opportunity to present their skills to Q-Space, our training and performance venue, in front of an audience. In the preparation of the performances, the children and adolescents rehearse together with various artists who have been traveling the Berlin art and dance scene for many years.
In our aerial acrobatics classes children and adolescents get to know the world of aerial acrobatics in a playful way. Basic training on the ground further develops their coordinative skills, making it easier to learn acrobatic figures on the trapeze, vertical cloth or vertical rope.
This course is suitable for children over the age of 10 who have at least one year of experience in trapeze or vertical cloth. Children and adolescents who want to attend this course should be familiar with techniques such as climbing cloth, various knots or positions, and simple drops.
In the course children can creatively explore the aerial ring and the trapeze. After a basic training on the ground, they playfully learn artistic figures on both devices.
Children from the age of 7 can learn the basics of acrobatics while developing balance, flexibility and strength. Both dynamic elements, such as different wheels, as well as headstand, handstand, partner acrobatics or human pyramids, we will learn together in the group.
Here children from the age of 8 can try different circus arts: juggling with balls or diabolo, tricks on the running ball and acrobatic elements are trained together. Playfulness, coordination skills, balance and agility are enhanced.
Anna Ehrenreich
Anna Ehrenreich is an artist and circus pedagogue. She studied at the Etage- Schule für darstellende Künste and Alice Salomon College. She works preofessionally as aerial artist on trapeze and vertical cloth. Since 2005 she teaches children, adolescents and adults, the art of aerial acrobatics. In her courses she attaches importance to the fact that her participants also become creative themselves and find their own expressions in the air. More about Anna at
Florian Bögner
Coming from physical theater, Flo moved into the realm of circus. Flo loves juggling, hangs on the vertical rope and to stand on his hands. He is a certified circus educator and artist. It is important to him to have a playful approach to movement and always keep in mind: nothing is impossible. More about Flo at 
Liz Williams
Liz Williams has been a professional aerial circus artist since 2005. Working through out Germany in theaters such as, Wintergarten Variete, Chamaeleon Theater, Staatstheater Ingolstadt, Podewil, Friedrichsbau, GOP as well as many events and festivals. Her unique work draws on her background as a professional dancer, actress and study of 5Q and martial arts. More about Liz at