Monday 20.15-21.45 h
teacher Patrick Schubert
Acroyoga combines the power of acrobatics with the mindfulness of yoga, connecting two (or more!) people in a playful way. By working together to form beautiful poses and creative flows, we learn how to build trust, form connections, and reach new heights with each other. It also creates body awareness, balance, and strength – a truly challenging workout that you can enjoy with friends! This level 1 and 2 class is suitable for beginners and intermediate practitioners. Each class we will cover a new L-basing or standing flow, with steady progressions to advance your practice. Come alone or with a partner for a wonderful fun time!
Tuesday 19-20.30 h
teacher Tanja

In this class we will built up our strengh,flexibility and coordinatioin to learn basic trapeze skills , figures and moves. Playful we will discover the trapeze, create individual sequences and find our own way of moving and telling little stories. You will be free to work on solos or partnerwork.

Wednesday 20.15-21.30
teacher Liz Williams
In this Aerial yoga class, you will find and connect to your center.  From there we stretch, swing, invert, build strength, learn about yourself and your body while you are supported or suspended in an aerial yoga hammock.
Thursday 18.45-20 h
teacher Liz Williams
Aerial silks class offers a stimulating way to exercise and keep fit. The focus is on the gradual development and safe progression of aerial skills in a supportive, friendly and fun environment for beginners and more experienced aerialists. This is an all-inclusive, mixed class for both men and women, at any skill or fitness level. This class includes a yoga-based warm up and focuses on core strengthening and awareness. The class will also include flexibility training and conditioning.
Thursday 20-21.30 h
teacher Emily Cage
In this class, you will learn aerial hoop moves, transitions as well as choreography. This class is with is open level. Beginners will learn how to get strong for aerial hoop, how to get used to be in height and the basics of aerial hoop. Intermediates will learn moves, transitions as well as how to create a choreography for aerial hoop

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